Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chenganmaal Sri Chenganmaaleeswarar

Chenganmaal village lies about 40 kms from Chennai on the OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road), just 2 kms before Thirupporur.

Chenganmaal has an ancient Shiva temple with main deity Sri Chenganmaaleeswarar and Goddess Sri Brihannaayagi.

In Thamizh, Chenganmaal (செங்கண்மால்) denotes the name of Lord Vishnu. It is said that Lord Vishnu worshipped Lord Shiva here and hence the deity got the name, Chenganmaaleeswarar and the village, Chenganmaal.

It is also said that, as this temple was built by an ancient Chozha king called Ko Chengannan (who built Thiruvaanikkaaval temple); this place got its name after the king Chengannan.

Temple legend has it that Lord Vishnu worshipped Lord Shiva here offering 1008 lotus flowers. He was praying Lord Shiva with utmost devotion. Lord Shiva made a trick and made one flower vanish from 1008 lotuses. When Lord Vishnu was about to offer the last flower, He was shocked to see that there was no more flowers. Lord Vishnu immediately owed Himself as the last flower to complete the Pooja.

This temple is believed to have been built during 12th century. This temple does not have a Rajagopuram.

The Lord here is facing east. Goddess Sri Brihannaayagi is beautiful and is facing south.

This small temple has a beautiful Praakaaram on which Lord Ganesha is on the south west corner. Lord Ganesha is seen here as Sri Selva Vinayagar. There is an Urchava Mandapam made of stone pillars adjacent to Sri Selva Vinayagar shrine.

Other deities are Sri Subramanyar, Sri Dhakshinamurthy, Sri Brahma and Sri Durgai. Surya Bhagavan has a small shrine facing west adjacent to the main entrance. There is a tall concrete Mandapam adjacent to Surya Bhagavan shrine for the temple's bell.

An old, tall Dwajasthambham adds attraction to the Praakaaram.

There is a big pond outside the temple on its northern side, which serves as Theertham for this temple and is called as ‘Vishnu Theertham’. The Sthala Viruksham here is Vilvam.

A small, yet beautiful and calm temple to cherish is not too far from the city.


  1. you have done a job which is rare and you should feel thankful to Lord for assigning you to do this special job and bring the information to other sitting at their desks. Thanks to you and Thanks to Lord Shiva and BABAJI.
    shankaram shiva shankaram.

  2. Nice information. Thiruporur itself a nice place. i think you have covered many temples starting from Thirisulanadhar, Singapermal kovil, Chettipunniyam, Thirukacchur, Agora Veerabhadrar, here Chenganmaal.... hope ur next will be Thiruporur Murugar temple..
    Really I am thanking you for bringing such a nice coverage about all our heritages...
    It will be better if you can post / write a route map to combine some temple visits... Hope you got my point.
    It will be better if you include temple opening & closing times ...

  3. Hi Saravanan,
    Ever since I visited the Sembakkam temple, I was looking out details of this temple since both of them have been built by the same king Chola Kochengannan.
    I could not find details of this temple anywhere. I thought of going there one day and exploring myself. Thanks for bringing out the full details. It would have been better, if the details like whether the temple is to the left or right of OMR and how far from the OMR etc., so that anybody visiting your site will be able to straight land at the temple, especially for some unpopular temples like this. More than the popular temples, I like these kind of unpopular temples being covered by the internet/travelogues. Still there are plenty of temples which have great historical/ spiritual importance but not known to the outside world. This temple is one of them.
    By the way, how did you get connected/ the link to this temple?

  4. Saravana,
    Small Suggestion.

    I all your articles we could find the best information which is really amazing.

    i would like you to add some more details about the temple and environment.
    For ex.,

    1. Temple opening and closing time.
    2. Nearest busroute or train route connected to the temple.
    3. nearest landmark in that particular village.

    i feel this information should be static in all the future articles you write.


  5. Sankaram Siva Sankaram

    So Many wonderful temple.
    That too just in OMR..
    I am in ECR..
    You are really so fortunate and
    Blessed to have developed this passion...
    My best wishes for you.
    Krishnamoorthy Venkataraman

  6. weekly twice I am going to Tiruporur but I missed this temple. Today 25.09.10 I saw the temple and searched for that in the net and found here. Thank you very much.

  7. Dear Mr.Saravanan,
    In addition to the deities listed by you, Sri valli devasena sameda Sri Murugan, Sri lakshmi, Sri Bhairavar and Sri navagraha sannadhis are also there in Chenganmal shiva temple. It is said that Sri vishnu from Thiruvidanthai, ECR road, used to come and pray to Lord Shiva of Chenganmal.

  8. During Prodhosha time anointing (Abhishekam) the Shiva deity with the Following is considered fruitful.
    PANCHAGAVYAM Removes all sings of mankind
    PANCHAMRUTHAM Gives wealth
    GHEE Gives Moksha state
    MILK Gives long life
    CURD Gives Good Children
    HONEY Melodious voice
    RICE POWDER Frees from debts
    SUGAR CANE JUICE Gives good health and removes enmity
    LIME JUICE Removes fear of death
    TENDER COCONUT JUICE Gives enjoyment and full satisfaction in life
    COOCKED RICE (ANNAM) Gives Majestic life
    SANDAL PASTE Gives Lakshmi's Grace
    SUGAR Removes enmity

  9. இன்று இந்த இணையக் குறிப்பின் உதவியோடு இந்த ஆலயம் குடும்பத்தோடு சென்றிருந்தோம். திவ்ய தரிசனம். மிக்க நன்றி ஐயா!