Saturday, January 5, 2008

Uthiramerur Sri Balasubramanyar

This is another ancient temple in Uthiramerur. Beautifully spread on vast area, this temple Balasubramanya Temple for Lord Muruga is another attraction here.

According to sources, this temple belongs to 8th Century. The Murthy here is a Swayambu (self evolved). Built by Jeyam Konda Chozhan, this temple has a very rarest feature.

You can witness Peacock as the ‘Vaaganam’ (Carrier) for Lord Muruga in all his temples. But here, Elephant stands as the Vaaganam for Lord Muruga which is rare of its kind in Murugar Temples.

The Deity Sri Balasubramanyar is about 5-6 ft tall, well decorated and gracefully blesses the visiting devotees.

Other deities are Pillaiyar, Lord Shiva, Skandhar, Shanmugar, Navagrahas etc.,

There is a beautiful Temple Pond in front of the temple.

The outside Praakaram so vast with Dhwajasthambha and the whole gives a divine feeling with many ancient sculptures standing testimony for the architectural excellence of our ancestors.

This temple is situated just adjacent to Sri Sundara Varadharaja Perumal Temple and very close to the Bus Stand.

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