Friday, January 11, 2008

Patteeswaram Sri Durgai

Patteeswaram is situated just 8 kms from Kumbakonam. Sri Durgai shrine is very popular here.

Originally Patteeswaram is known for the Shiva Temple called Sri Dhenupureeswarar temple located here. Goddess is Gnanambikai.

Patteeswaram got its name as, Patti, daughter (calf) of sacred cow Kamadhenu worshipped here. According to legend, Parasakthi wanted to perform Thapas and was trying to locate a peaceful place. She found this place and started her Thapas.

Knowing this, Kamadhenu, sent her daughter to be of help to Parasakthi during the Thapas. Lord Shiva, pleased with the Devi’s Thapas gave Dharshan to her here and assumed the name, Gabardeeswarar.

On seeing this, Patti who was helping Devi for her Thapas, also installed a Shiva Linga and started worshipping Lord Shiva here. Lord Shiva was pleased with her worship and blessed Patti here and hence the place got named after Patti as Patteeswaram.

Once, Thirugnaana Sambandar came walking down to Patteeswaram to have the dharshan of Lord Shiva. As it was hot summer, he was finding it difficult with scorching heat. Lord Shiva, realizing Sambandar’s pain, ordered his Bhoodha Ganas to hold a Muthu Pandhal (Umbrella woven with pearls) along the way to the temple, so that Sambandar can walk in the shadow.

Also Lord Shiva was too eager to see Sambandar. He was looking at the way to the temple from his Sanctum. As Nandhi was sitting in front of the Lord, he couldn’t view properly. And Lord Shiva ordered Nandhi to move a bit, so that his view is not obstructed and Nandhi obeyed. Sambandar with overwhelming joy, sung 10 hymns on Lord Shiva here.

Even today, one can see Nandhi facing a bit away from the Lord.

Sri Durga (also called Vishnu Durga) in this temple has been installed by Cholas. Originally Sri Durga was in some other place unattended. Cholas brought her here and have made a separate shrine for her here. Now Sri Durga temple has gained more importance than the Dhenupureeswarar temple as most of the devotees throng here.

Patteeswaram is located near Pazhaiyaarai where Raja Raja Chola was born and brought up. It is said that the Cholas before taking any decision or before any battle, worshipped Goddess Durga here and proceeded.

Lord Rama has worshipped Sri Durga Devi here before moving towards Sri Lanka for his war against Ravana.

It is also said that Sage Viswamithra, got enlightened with Gayathri Mantra in this place and was conferred with the title “Brahma Rishi” by Saint Vasishta.

Sri Durga is seen with three eyes, eight hands holding weapons and her legs rested on Demon king Mahishasura.

Though the Goddess here is with weapons etc., her face is with full of grace and mercy like a mother blessing children.

A wonderful temple in which Goddess grants the wishes of her children.


  1. Wonderful...
    Vinayak Savarkar

  2. Last sunday i visit to this temple. this is my first visit. Before going to this temple i have lot of problems, after seen the GOD Sri Durga, i feel better now.

  3. workship of load sri durga in patteswaram gives me lots of energy and confident

  4. I started visiting this place from last 6 years and had seen the good results and Maa Durgas strengths.
    Now a days Temples arround Kumbhakonam had become more commercial rather than giving a devine approach [All temples around Kumbhakonam]. Temple authorities should think in this way and rather than some one mending money , should have a feeling noticed and that divinity will bring more people attention towards God and the place.

  5. amma pattiswari amma your blessings are needed. you really powerfull thai

  6. patteswarm durgai amman i never miss her whenever i go to kumbakonam i wanted see my mother and more than 3 4 times i visited her twice it so happened that i got her blessings on sunday during rahu kalm whenever i go their i dont want to leave her so beautiful and kind
    even i think of her while writing i have tears on my eyes i need her blessings very much hope she will listen to me thaye parashakthi kapathu

  7. my native is kumbakonam.until age of 15 i didn't see that temple.then one time to visit.3 yrs back i went 15 weeks continuosly for friday abisegam due to my boss will get well for official purpose.presently i send rarely because non availability of this koil durgai abisegam very famous.100 of times you see it you don't feel a bore.

  8. As everyone I also got immense peace on the Dharshan of Durgai Ambal and you never want to leave her sannidhi. Even during distress, thinking of her resolves your problems. I pray Durgai Ambal to shower her abundant blessings to all in our mother earth.

  9. lord sri durga in patteeswaram is very power full amma i always have a pleasant mind in thinking amma
    karthikramasamy padayatchi

  10. will anybody tell me the route from trichy?

  11. very powerful. no words can describe. visit and get blessed. you will feel better after your prayer.

  12. Thanks Saravanan! Great description & pictures of the Amman. A feast to the eyes & soul for a person away from home! God bless!

  13. 15th november 2011 i had been to Patteswari durga temple on RahuKala timings and offered 108 lemons to godess durga, what an experience ........Purushotham (Vijayanagar), Bangalore.

  14. As everyone I also got immense peace on the Dharshan of Durgai Ambal and you never want to leave her sannidhi. Even during distress, thinking of her resolves your problems. I pray Durgai Ambal to shower her abundant blessings to all in our mother earth.

  15. Thank you for the rare information on this temple.

  16. Very useful & informative. i m going to visit this temple soon for Maa Durgas blessings.

  17. durgaiya thunai thaiye please save me please help me please protect me protect ussss my family please

  18. MA Durgs MA please show the blessings on us, we want to be with you by thinking you day and night, we need your love always MA.

  19. Hi Saravanan....

    you are doing a good job. May Durga give u all blesses. Your work is commentable. U stared yr successful journey with Temple. So u'll reach the destination of Divine Status. God bless You.


    Sri Sri Ganesha

  20. A visit to Shri Dhenupureeswarar Temple and Dharshan
    of Shri Durgai will give lot of relief from all troubles for a person.

  21. Visit to Dhenupureeswarar Temple and darshan of Shri Durgai would bring mental piece and also relief from all troubles and problems in life.

    Balasubramanian NR