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Ponpadhar Koodam Sri Chathurbuja Kothandaraamar

Ponpadhar Koodam is a small village located at about 10 kms east of Chengalpattu, just further to PV Kalathur.

Ponpadhar Koodam has a rare temple dedicated to Lord Sri Rama called Chathurbuja Kothandaraamar. The rare feature of Sri Rama here is that He is seen with four arms holding Bow, Arrow, Shanku (Conch) and Chakra in each of His arms.

It is said that, according to Vaalmeeki Ramaayana, Sri Rama gave dharshan only to 4 people in this posture with four arms. That is to His mother Kausalya during His birth, to Sri Aanjaneya when He met first, to Thrisadai in her dreams and to Mandodhari (wife of Raavana) after Raavana was killed in the battlefield.

According to the legend, there lived a sage called Sri Devaraaja Rishi who was performing penance in this village on the banks of the nearby pond. Lord Raama gave dharshan to Sri Devaraaja Rishi as Chathurbuja Kothandaraamar (with 4 arms). This place in ancient days was known as Prapada Mahaadevarajapuram.
The pond near the temple, where the Rishi was doing penance is now called as Devaraaja Pushkarini.

Sri Raama is seen here with Sri Sita Devi, Sri Lakshmana on the sides and Sri Hanuman in front of them. The deity is so beautiful and charming. Sri Aanjaneya in front of Sri Rama is seen in a very humble gesture facing Sri Rama with His palm closing the mouth in obidience. It is said that such moorthy is rare to find and is called Sri Bhavya Aanjaneyar. The Urchavar made of 5 metal is highly admirable for the sculptural brilliance. Urchavar is so beautiful with a gentle smile on His face. Urchavar also has 4 arms with respective weapons. Sri Raama is holding the arrow on His right hand with His fingers folded to hold the arrow. The Lord is wearing a golden ring in one of his fingers. The ring can be removed from the finger and replaced back without any difficulty. Such a marvelous creation to admire!Also, one can see the rays (lines) on the palms of the Lord created so naturally like a human palm. Even the edges of the grown nails are done beautifully. Sri Raama can be felt so human, standing in front of us and blessing us.

Once in 1982, Pattaabhishekam was performed to Sri Raama here. When the rituals were happening, a monkey had visited the temple sat quietly and had witnessed the whole ceremony and had left the place after the Pattaabhhishekam, without disturbing anyone. According to the native villagers, there were no monkeys present in the village before and after this incident. But no one knows how a lone monkey arrived at the temple exactly for the Pattaabhishekam ceremony. The villagers believe that it was Sri Hanuman Himself, who came and witnessed Sri Raama Pattabhishekam.

This temple is small, yet beautiful amidst a serene atmosphere with lots of paddy fields around. The road from Chengalpattu to this temple is not too good. But it’s worth to take a drive in such a bad road to see such a wonderful Sri Raama and the rare Sri Bhavya Aanjaneya.


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  2. Grateful thanks for making aware such a precious temple. No one knows about it.Lord Rama will bless you and yours for doing such a good work.

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    In order to make more useful, please add how to reach the temples, resting places etc and approx time required etc similar to travel guides. So that we can plan a travel.

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    Thanks for the wonderful narration of Sri Chaturbuja kothanda ramar divya darshanam.

    It was as if we were there at this holy place.

    May Lord Rama, Sita devi and Lord Hanuman bless you and your family.

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  6. That was great and i am happy read about it at this aged .i am 52 and have visited india 7 times .visited alot of temples and now reading about.
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  7. Have you visited Thiruneermalai? Pls visit and write about Neervannan deity there!

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    wonderfull and iam delighted. Though a very freequent visitor to Chennai i never heard about this place. Vl certainly visit in my next trip. I think this Chaturbhuja SRI RAMA is also there as he appeared to a sage called BHADRA which is called as BHADRACHALAM of KHAMMAM Dist of ANDHRA PRADESH a well known Rama temple. I have also seen a very old Rama Temple at a place called VAYALAPADU (VALMIKIPURAM) near Madanapalli of Chittoor Dist of AP. this is only to share my feelings. anyhow Good work keep it up- this is the time to up hold our religious feelings to strengthen our Dharma and traditions by creating awareness among the people. God Bless you.. RP Maheswaram.

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  12. This temple where Rama and Sita in sitting pasture in one base (Eka peetam ) with Lakshmana by their side and Sri Anjaneya in most pious situation facing them in moola stanam is very much pleasing one to worship at. Even Uthsava moorthy here is unique with four arms carrying sankham, chakram, bow and arrow ,with his nails and hair in clearly shown in legs .The lines of Swamy Desikan's Raghuveera gadyam “Nama seetha samethaya Ramaya grahamedhine “are reminded to everyone who sees the moorthy in this temple. It is believed skin diseases are cured to those who pray and perform necessary pooja in this temple.

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    sivoham-means -i am lord shiva
    ramoham-means i am lord ram
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    tatvamasi-means i am that

    Know that you to are the lord

  14. alloham-means i am lord allah
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    know this first that you are lord

  16. dear saravanan.

    you are blessed.if you are able to see smile .deities smiles only if you are blessd.

  17. Dr. R. Vijayaraghavan Ph.D.,Friday, September 28, 2012 6:06:00 AM

    Bus Transportation to this temple is a need to mention. If anyone travel to this temple should also visit the very nearby temples in Tirukalukundram (Patchitheertham)and Ottivakkam near by. The roads are good and private vehicles are also available from Ottivakkam Train station (Ottivakkam station is next to Tirumani station after Chengalpattu Junction

  18. Kindly provide the temple timings if possible please

  19. Kindly provide the temple timings if possible please

  20. fantastic. You have even though covered about the temple briefly it is very informative especially for this new generation. otherwise we people in mumbai would ever be able to know. thanks.keep it up and if you can just add the travel plan from chennai.