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Pallikonda Sri Uthara Ranganathar

Pallikonda is a very small village located about 24 kms from Vellore on the Bangalore Highway. Situated on the banks of Palar river, it houses a very beautiful and one of the most ancient Sri Uthara Ranganathar Temple.

As Lord Ranganathar is in the Palli Konda (பள்ளி கொண்ட means reclining) posture, the place itself was called as Pallikondaan which later got shortened as Pallikonda. Here Sri Uthara Ranganathar gives Dharshan along with Sri Ranganayaki.

According to the Sthala History, there lived a king called Amba Raja who was ruling this part of the country called Thiruvedhimangalam (today’s Pallikonda). He has been highly victorious and was enjoying all the worldly pleasures as a king. Having fed up with materialistic life, he one day realized that the purpose of his birth is only to get the Dharshan of Sri Maha Vishnu.

He started worshipping Maha Vishnu for years together and was eagerly waiting to have his Dharshan. Years rolled by. But there was no sign of God appearing to him. He got frustrated and attempted suicide. While he was trying to commit suicide, a heavenly voice from the sky told him to be patient and to continue his prayers so that he will soon get the dharshan of God.

The king became happy and continued his worships.

During the same time a debate came up in the Lord Brahma’s court hall (Brahma Sabha). It was about, who is the greatest among Durga (for courage), Lakshmi (for wealth) and Saraswathi (for wisdom). After a long debate, Lord Brahma gave a conclusion that Lakshmi is the supreme.

Hearing this, Saraswathi got angry and walked away, leaving Brahma. Brahma tried convincing her and failed. Brahma went and prayed Lord Vishnu asking for a solution as he cannot live without Saraswathi. Lord Vishnu assured that he will try to bring down her anger.

Saraswathi took the form of a river named Vegavathi and started flowing through. Trying to stop her, Lord Vishnu lied in a reclining pose (Ranganathar) at Thiruvedhimangalam (Pallikonda). Knowing this, Saraswathi bypassed him adjacent to his feet and moved further.

Lord Vishnu again went to another place along her route and stayed again in a reclining posture. This time Saraswathi cleverly bypassed him again above his head and went on.

Lord Vishnu decided to stop her some how and went and rested in another place again in the same posture obstructing her way. This time Saraswathi had to face Lord Vishnu obstructing her and was not able to move further beyond Him, as he is the supreme. Saraswathi’s anger subsided and she went into the earth at this third place where Lord Ranganatha reclined.

After this event, as Amba Raja was worshipping eagerly to have His Dharshan, Lord Vishnu came back to Pallikonda and gave Dharshan to Amba Raja.

The king asked for a boon that the God should settle here and give Dharshan to everyone visiting this place. As the God settled here during his act of uniting Brahma and Saraswathi, the king prayed that He should grant boon for unmarried people and the separated couples visiting here.

Lord Ranganathar agreed to it and granted his wish. Even today, it is said that unmarried men or women who worship Lord Ranganathar here, get married soon. Also the couples, who have quarrels or separation in married life, get united upon worshipping Lord Ranganathar here.

The first place where Lord Ranganatha tried stopping Saraswathi who was flowing as river Vegavathi (today’s Palar) is today’s Pallikonda. Here Palar flows at the down side of the Lord’s feet.

The second place where he attempted to stop her is called Thiruppaarkadal now, near Kaverippaakkam on the Bangalore highway. Here there is a Lord Ranganathar temple where Palar passes on the head side of the lord.

The third place where he finally stopped the river is called Thiruvekka, which is in Kanchipuram. There’s another Lord Ranganathar temple here again.

In all the three places Lord Vishnu is seen in the reclined posture as Lord Ranganathar.

In Pallikonda Lord, Ranganathar gives Dharshan with Sri Ranganayaki on the banks of the river Vegavathi (today’s Palar). Also seen are Sri Devi and Bhu Devi.

This temple is said to have built by Vijayanagara Kings during 5th Century. Other deities of the temple like Lord Rama, Garuda, etc., have been built at various stages by many kings who ruled here. But Lord Ranganathar is said to be the Aadhi Moolavar which was excavated from the banks of the river and built by Vijayanagara Kings and Sambuvarayars.

Situated on the river bank, in an ancient village with serene atmosphere, Sri Ranganathar temple stands tall, blessing many generations.

Festivals like Vaikunda Ekadasi are celebrated well here. Though so ancient and rare of its kind, this temple is in the state of neglect now.

A grand Kumbhabhishekam and renovated Rajagopuram are planned during early 2008 and this temple welcomes contributions from devotees who wish to be part of this noble cause.

The temple shall be contacted at :
Sri Uthara Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Pallikonda – 635 809.
Tel: 04171 – 240234 or 94433 09572.


  1. Dear Srinivasan,

    Thanks for this beautiful narration about my home town. I was lived next to this temple. Until I read your post, I don't know the History of my temple.

    I feel I should go to that temple and see with a new eye.

    "Great things will not look great if it is near you. But when you came to know that it is great, it will no more near to you" - this is what I'm feeling now.

  2. i am suffering a lot due to mamiyar kodumai. husband also not on my side. i am just living in a hell. Even though i cannot go to this temple right now i hope and trust that at least God giveme courage to face the problem and eradicate my worry soon.Thank you for your article.

  3. really i had a feeling of worshipping LORD RANGANATHAR. thanx for the very good and religioustic information. may god bless U with all.

  4. Your efforts are well appreciated my friend, I had visited Pallikonda some 3 years back and wishing to visit the place again when I came across your site. I still remember the majestic figure of the reclining Ranganathar and It is really wonderful that you have taken such pains to explain the Sthala Puranam also to help those who may not be aware of the marvels of the temple. I pray that heavens choicest blessings be upon you and you visit many more temples and help us have glimpses of many more Divvya Darisanams.I shall be visiting your site more often. Thanks.

  5. Dear Saravanan

    I happened to go to this temple yes'day and the Kumbabishekam is yet to happen and what we heard was that the government/contractor is not speeding up the renovation work. Whatever work that's happening in the temple right now is only from the contributions by general public. The locals have formed an association "Ranganathan Baktha Sabha" for the same purpose. Please spread the message so that the renovation work can be completed with contributions from all and the Kumbabishekam can be performed ASAP. If you wish to contact me, please write to

  6. Excellent naration! Pallikonda is my home town! Right now I am in USA, doing my higher education!
    I am keeping track of whats happening there regarding kumbabishekam! I want to visit the temple soon! Its been a long time for me! I always like to sit on the front vasal, where I will enjoy the breeze!

  7. Nice Article. Could have been better if u would have described the architectural and iconographic features too. Thank U

  8. I had been to the temple on 16/01/2010. My native place is Vellore. My last visit to the temple was by 2007.( kumbabhishekam works are still going on) not completed even after 3 yrs. I am feeling sad I am unable to see the Ranganathar twice.

  9. Very excellent and informative. Thanks for the detailed sthala puranam. I have passed by this pallikonda several times on my way to bangalore and I have wondered about its name. Only today I came to know the reason. I will visit this temple one day. I hope the kumbabhishekam gets done soon.

    thanks and keep up your wonderful work !

    Prasad (

  10. Sthala puranam was awesome.Whoever has written this article, Kudoos to your work.

    Keep up your good work!

  11. Sir, as i want to see lots of temple i am going thru ur dhivya dharshan.i feel very peaceful and my mind is very calm.please continue ur good will be helpful for all.

  12. great saravanan . i want to contact you.

  13. By the grace of Sriranganatha swamy,the renovation is coming to an end with the almighty raising funds from his fond devotees.I am one such blessed. hope many of you would like to help the temple come back to its best for darshan.i am Dr.Vijay,an well wished person by this temple,an member of Rangan Bakthar Sabai, Pallikonda. Anyone wants to help can contact me for the progress and your helpful contributions(however small, it is precious). contact-9894953959,9894060677

  14. Has the kumbabishekam taken place.Is Dharshan of the Lord possible now.Could somebody post the latest status please!

  15. Dr V.j and Saravanan

    Pl.let us know whether Kumbabishekam has been done.If we visit Can we have Dharsan of Lord

  16. Kumbabishekam has been done.We had the nice Darsan of Lord Ranganathar within 40 days.Lord has helped us thru Dr.V.J. thanks a lot to Dr.V.J.

  17. Dr. V.j. We thank you a lot .Your guidance has really helped us to have Darsan of Lord Ranganathar.Starting from Chennai at 6 AM enroute to Tirupathi we had the Darsan of of all the three Perumals,namely Thiruvekka,Thiruparkadal(Kaveripakkam),Uthra Ranganathar at Pallikondan before Noon.

  18. Hello everyone, apart from this temple you have lots of other places to visit in Pallikonda. The best place to visit is the hill which is just located near the boys high school which is almost 500 feet to climb, the next place is the river Palar near Gudiyattham road, and last but not the least the big mosque which is just near the bus stand, its know for its art and architecture. The best place to buy chicken here is Bismillah chicken which near the bus stand, you get variety of chicken here. Every sunday there will be a bazaar(market sale) held near the boys high school where you get all variety of things at a economical rate.

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  20. Such a well-written and thoughtful post :) I thoroughly enjoy reading about your temples thoughts on places, its really great! Another place to add to the temple list!!!

  21. sukuriya sugu sholinghur my netive place

  22. Aho Bhagyam aho bhagyam, visited the Sri Uththara Ranganathar Kovil today. Now is the ennai kaappu period.
    There are separate sannadhis for Sri Ranganayagi Thayaar, Sri Sitaram Laxmana Hanuman, Sri Andal, Ramanujar and Manavala Maamunigal. The kovil looks very nice. Even in December the weather was bit hot.
    The renovation was a professional work, they are blessed.

  23. :-) Ranganathan is every where. Intha madri kooda Ranganathanukku oru charitram undu nu nenacha ullam kulirudu. Avan thamarai padangalai katti piduchu sharanadaiyum pol oru aasai.
    If raja instead of enjoying the kingdom, instead of enjoying the love of his country men, instead of his duty towards his people, finds an ultimate purpose in attaining the darshan of HIS HIGHNESS then what is that I am doing here by setting an ambition of collecting and nurturing tanuva, suta, dhana, dhara, dayadi, bandhamula. :-(. Tatva bodhana jesi kapatu RANGA.