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Porur Sri Ramanaadheswarar

This ancient temple for Sri Ramanaadheswarar is located in Porur, very near to Porur junction, off. Kunrathur Road.

This ancient temple is connected to the Ramayana period. According to the history, Sri Rama on His way to Sri Lanka rested here in this place which was then a forest. While resting under an Amla tree (‘Nelli’ in Thamizh), He realized that there was a Shiva Lingam under the ground and his feet had touched the head of the Lingam unknowingly.

Sri Rama acquired a Dhosham as He had touched the Lingam with His feet. So he undertook a penance towards Lord Shiva for 48 days with just one Amla fruit as his food, to recover from the Dhosham and to bring out the Shiva Lingam. Lord Shiva pleased with Sri Rama’s penance came out from the earth and gave Viswaroopa Dharshan to Sri Rama.

Sri Rama overwhelmed by the Lord’s mercy named the Shiva Lingam as Sri Ramanaadheswarar and worshipped Him. Goddess Parvathi too appeared and gave Dharshan to Sri Rama as Sri Sivakaama Sundhari.

Sri Rama with sincere prayers worshipped Lord Shiva as His Guru and got to know the directions to reach the place where Sri Sita was kept under custody of Raavana and headed towards Sri Lanka.

As Sri Rama worshipped Lord Shiva as His Guru, this place became a Guru Sthalam among 9 Navagraha Temples of Chennai (or Thondai Mandalam). Here Lord Shiva Himself is worshipped as Sri Guru Bhagavan.

Also this place is called Uthara Raameswaram, as Sri Rama worshipped Lord Shiva here, similar to Raameswaram. Also according to temple sources, it is said that Porur was called as Uthara Raameswaram in ancient days. It is also said that, this temple is equivalent to Raameswaram and those who are not able to go pilgrimage to Raameswaram can visit this place and be blessed by the Lord.

The main deity Sri Ramanaadheswarar is too gigantic and beautifully decorated, facing east. This huge deity is a Swayambhu Lingam (self evolved). Goddess Sivakaama Sundhari has a separate shrine in the temple.

The sanctum is built in Gajabrishta shape or Thoongaanai Maadam (தூங்கானை மாடம்) type which is popular in Chozha temple architecture. Sri Vinayagar, Sri Dhakshinamurthy and other Koshta Murthies are found around the sanctum. This temple does not have Rajagopuram at the entrance and Vimanam above the sanctum.

Nandhigeswarar is found on the outer praakaaram facing the sanctum.

Here Sri Sandigeswarar is seen in a peculiar position near Nandhi facing south.

The practice of offering Theertham and Sadaari are generally seen only in Vishnu temples. But, this is probably the only Shiva temple, where Theertham and Sadaari are offered to the devotees.

The Sthala Viruksham is Vembu (Neem tree) which is seen on the southern side of the praakaaram. Lord Brahma is seen under the tree facing north. A small Shiva Lingam is kept facing east with Nandhi, adjacent to Lord Brahma. The Neem tree is dressed up with a nice saree which looks like a beautiful woman.

Pournami, Pradhosham, Sivarathri and Guru Peyarchi are celebrated well in this temple.

One can’t stop admiring the beauty of Sri Ramanaadheswarar and His magnificence at this temple.


  1. Thank you. Indeed very interesting information and hopeto have a Dharsan soon. Once again thank you for sharing . regards. somasekharan

  2. Interesting information about one more Rameswaram in Porur. I appreciate ur efforts.. keep it up.buvana

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    i am searching this temple.i visited sooriyan temple in chennai also after going through this .but if u find near landmark, bus route ti will be more useful.But any how hats off for your effort takedn

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    Excellent info. I am a resident of Porur & a regular visitor to this temple. Please also write about an ancient Sri Uuraga Perumal (Vishnu) Temple which is just 100 metres from Porur jn.


  7. From porur to kundrathur mainroad.
    you can find a murugan temple arch in left turn in this and take a right turn in the murugan temple you will find this siva temple

  8. Thanks for the info, today i saw a banner kept on the Kunrathur main road, and had a doubt whether any info will be available abt this temple. I am really surprised, i didnt expect this much info on this temple. i am living in porur for the last 10 years and did not know abt this. I really feel bad today. Wonderful work and i will be visiting this temple today......

  9. Thanks for the information I am in Porur and so far I dont know about this temple thanks for the information I will be visiting all the temples details given by you. Viji

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  11. where is this Sri Uuraga Perumal (Vishnu) Temple located exactly ( exact location from Porur junction ) ???

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    1. gurus thalam is porur ramanatheeswar temple.. if u cum to siva temple, now they issued 1booklet of navagraha temple in chennai,, tat vl be more useful to c all temples in 1day itself

    2. Thanks. Do you know the timings of this temple, during normal days?

  13. Hello,

    This Ramanatheswarar Temple in Porur is Gurusthalam.Here Eswaran is worshipped as Guru,since HE was worshiiped as GURU by Rama.During this Guru peyarchi(Change of Rasi of planet Mercury), which falls on 25.11.2010 Thursday,special Poojas,Abishegam and Sahasharanam archanai all being planned. Must witness these by all devotees.

  14. Hello,

    I am D.Ramaswamy again,I made a mistake in my Oct28,2010 message. Guru Peyarchi falls on 21.11.2010 @ 10.50PM. Poojas and Abishegam and Archanas performed to Lord rmanatheeswarar on 22.11.2010 Monday 8.00 am onwards,pl note the date details.

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  16. Thank you very much for the informative blog.
    I went to this temple recently.There is a big Nelli tree. It has got a rajagopuram now, which might be built recently and the temple is being renovated.

  17. I would like to know the meaning of uthira in uthira Rameswaram.

  18. Rajkumar Annamalai,

    Can you please add the Land Mark Near by for this Temple

  19. Uthira means North i believe.

  20. dear all 14/12/2011 the ancient temple five stage rajakopuram stone work of 21 feet complete the pooja off brama kabalam sabitham at 9am to 10am all are welcome to ramanatha eswaran temple annathanam at 11am-

  21. gud info and it wiould have been even better if the routes and the exact locations are given so that some foreigners can take the help of call taxi and not be cheated by our world famous auto/police mafia of chennai

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    These are all old photograph. Now the temple is fully changed. I can able to provide the photographs of the new temple. Please provide the mail id. My id is

    1. please send latest photos of Ramanadheswarar Temple of Porur to my mail.Id
      cell : 8643001731

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