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Thirumalai Vaiyaavoor Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumaal

Thirumalai Vaiyaavoor lies about 70 kms from Chennai and 18 kms from Chengalpattu. While going from Chennai, after crossing Chengalpattu, one can find Padaalam Cross Road (Koot Road) from where a road goes off GST Road on the right side. This road leads to Thirumalai Vaiyaavoor.

Thirumalai Vaiyaavoor has a beautiful temple for Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumaal on a small hill, which is also called Thirumalai. Goddess here is Sri Alarmel Mangai Thaayaar.

This hill has various names like Sri Vaikundagiri, Dhakshina Garudagiri, Dhakshina Venkatagiri, Dhakshina Seshagiri, Varaaha Kshethram and Ramanuja Yogagiri. This ancient temple has some interesting legends attached to it.

During the battle between Sri Rama and Raavana, Lakshmana fainted on the battle field. Sri Rama sent Sri Hanuman to bring the Sanjeevi hill to cure Lakshmana. Sri Hanuman brought the Sanjeevi hill as told by Sri Rama. It is said that Sri Hanuman worshipped Sri Varaaha Perumaal and Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Puramaal on this hill, on the way back to Lanka, carrying the Sanjeevi hill. As Sanjeevi hill should not be placed on ground, it is said that Sri Hanuman shifted the hill from His right hand to left hand to offer obeisance to the Gods here. As the holy Sanjeevi hill was not kept on ground here by Sri Hanuman, this place came to be known as Thirumalai Vaiyaavoor (திருமலை வையாவூர்).

Once a demon king called Hiranyaakshan took the earth and kept under his custody, hiding it deep inside the ocean. Lord Vishnu took Varaaha Avatar, killed the demon and brought back the earth to its position. After this Sri Varaaha Perumaal wished to take abode on a hill to bless the world. He directed Sri Garuda to bring a hill from Vaikuntam itself. Sri Garuda Bhagavan brought a hill from Vaikuntam and placed it near the banks of Swarnamuki River, which was called Garudagiri (present Thirupathi). While Sri Garuda carried the hill, a small part of it broke and fell near the banks of the river Palar and came to be known as Dhakshina Garudagiri (Thirumalai Vaiyaavoor).

After placing the hill in the banks of river Swarnamuki, Sri Garuda prayed God to see His Viswaroopa Dharsanam. As wished by Sri Garuda, Lord Vishnu gave him Viswaroopa Dharshan in the form of Sri Varaaha Perumaal here at Dhakshina Garudagiri.

Once, Lord Vishnu told Sri Aadhiseshan to take the form of a mountain on Garudagiri, for Him to take abode and bless the world during Kaliyugam. Sri Aadhiseshan took form of a hill on Garudagiri and from then the place (Thirupathi) came to be known as Seshagiri. Lord Vishnu took abode as Sri Srinivaasa Perumaal on Seshagiri in the Thamizh month of Purattaasi, on the day of Dwadasi when ‘Thiruvonam’ star occurred.

Sri Aadhiseshan prayed Sri Srinivaasa Perumaal and told that he had a wish to serve as an umbrella to the Lord. Sri Srinivaasa Perumaal agreed and told that his wish would come true at Dhakshina Garudagiri. In Thirumalai Vaiyaavoor Sri Aadhiseshan is seen above the deity Sri Srinivaasa Perumaal’s head as an umbrella. Hence, this place came to be known as Dhakshina Seshagiri.

There was an ancient king called Thondaimaan who was an ardent devotee of Lord Venkateswara at Thirupathi. Once, Lord Venkateswara helped the king with His Conch (Sangu) and Chakra to defeat the enemies. The king after defeating his enemies built a beautiful temple for the Lord at Thirupathi. As directed by the Lord, he also built a temple here at Thirumalai Vaiyaavoor. Lord Venkateswara gave him dharshan here on a chariot with a Sengol (செங்கோல்), the symbolic weapon held by kings. The foot marks of the horse and the marks of the chariot wheel are seen on some rocks of the hill here.

Once, Sri Brahma went to Thirupathi and worshipped Lord Venkateswara by lighting two lamps. He prayed the Lord that the lamps should glow non stop till Kaliyugam exists. The Lord granted his wish and said that He would give dharshan to devotees in the form of Jyothi on all Thiruvonam days at Thirumalai Vaiyaavoor and till that Jyothi dharshan continues, the lights lit by Sri Brahma would be alive. Lord Brahma then came here to this place and worshipped the Lord and got dharshan in the form of Jyothi.

It is also said that Sri Rama after the battle with Raavana came here, bathed in Varaaha Theertham and worshipped the Lord, on His way back to Ayodhya.

Sri Ramanuja had worshipped the Lord here and named the place ‘Vaikundagiri’. He also had stayed in this place and meditated the Lord. Hence this place is also called as Ramanuja Yogagiri.

About 500 years back, a Vijayanagara King called Raja Thodarmaal had contributed much to this temple and has helped the temple for Poojas and festivals in a grand scale. He had installed an idol for Sri Ramanuja and also for himself in this temple.

The temple is beautifully located on the hill top. There are about 500 steps on the hill to reach the temple. There is a proper road also to reach the temple by vehicles. Though the main deity is Sri Venkatesa Perumal the Aadhi Murthy here is Sri Varaaha Perumaal. One has to first visit Sri Varaaha Perumaal before visiting the main deity. Sri Varaaha Perumaal is seen with Sri Lakshmi facing west. Also, when the temple is opened, Sri Varaaha Perumaal’s shrine is opened first and all the offerings are made to Him first, before others.

The main deity Sri Srinivaasa Perumaal is seen facing west. The Lord is beautifully decorated with ornaments and gives dharshan exactly as in Thirupathi. Goddess Sri Alarmel Mangai Thaayaar has a separate shrine here. There are separate shrines for Sri Aandaal and Sri Ramanuja too.

The inner praakaarams have lot of stone pillars and spread on a wide area. The pillars have some exquisite carvings on them.

The Theertham for this temple is called Varaaha Theertham which is at the foot of this hill. The path to the Theertham is not motorable but looks beautiful when seen from the hill top.

Sri Anjaneyar shrine is present facing the hill opposite to the stair way to the temple.

The temple has a vast outer praakaaram with huge stone walls surrounding it. Sri Garuda Bhagavan is seen on specific corners on the wall, guarding the Lord.

It is also said that people visiting Thirupathi should also visit Thirumalai Vaiyaavoor and bathe in Varaaha Theertham and worship Sri Prasanna Venkateswara Perumaal here, only after which the pilgrimage gets complete.

This beautiful hill temple for Sri Venkatesa Perumaal gives the feeling of being in Thirumala itself.

Temple contact - Venkatesa Battachariar - 99940 95187, Balaji Battachariar - 99404 22353


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    Let me also add some outing from this place. One can reach Vedanthangal from here. You can plan for a day trip to visit Perumal and also enjoy the day in vedanthangal.



  2. Dear Saravanan,
    Your simple and beautiful way of the descriptions of Temples induces us to visit them.We feel that it is our beloved Baba's intentions or indication for us to visit these temples for our own good. You are blessed by Baba to do this sacred service Thank you very much.
    Love and best wishes.
    Devi Bhaskaran.

  3. Dear brother Saravanan,
    Every time I go through the temples you sent.My tears will keep on rolling.I felt you people are very lucky to live in India having all the chance to visit all these places.I wish Iam there too.
    Earlier when we were in Malysia I use to come down to India at least 3 times a year to visit Baba and of course Baba will send me for tour.But now I am in Canadawhich is very very far.I miss all the temples smell the surroundings.
    But Baba understand every individual needs that why I am getting all the news of temples through you.Babs Is great.Thanks to you.
    We all are Baba's child.

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    I happened to see your blog very recently.You have done a very good job.I must say that you are really very blessed to have visited so many temples.Also your presentation about them is so good that one can literally feel like having done that darshan all by themselves.......
    I mean the description and photos take us directly to that place and those temples.
    Thanks for your sacred service to all of the mankind.Keep it up.I pray to God to help you in all respects to continue and shine in this work of yours.
    Namo Narayana

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    I am happy to go through your description of Vaiyavaoor Temple. If you can,please make the followingamendments.
    Sri Thayar sitting onthe lap of Sri Varahaswamylooking at his baeutiful face.
    Lord Srinivasa is facing East only and not west.
    I hope you will appreciate my anxiety.God bless you. Yrs Devotee

  6. Dear Saravanan, I spoke too soon. Your description of navagraha temples is very informative, Can you give me some ore inputs- about temple timings and like they do at Navathirupathi at Thirunelveli, the best ruute to take when one starts from Porur police station? Are week days best for this or Sunday- will the temples be crowded then? Thanks in anticipation> Chandra Vijayaraghavan.

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  9. any contact number availbale to make an enquiry?

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  10. The temple is open from 0800 AM to 1100 AM and )0400 PM to 0700 PM. (exccept on festival days). If you travel by bus, kindly note the last bus arrives at the foothill at 0715PM. Kindly rush to capture the bus. Though they say another last bus is at 0815PM, no one is certain about the last trip. You can reach the temple from PADALAM KOOT ROAD by taking a share auto(Rs.5/-) to the foothill or by bus going to VEDANTHANGAL.

  11. Excellent descriptiopn of Sri Prassana Venkatesh Perumal Temple, As I was reading I visited the entire temple. thank you Sarvanan.
    Rukmani, velachery,chennai

  12. Is there any temple near to this

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    i read about thirumazhisai othandeeswarar temple but i'm unable to find about two paadal petra petra temples shiva, vishnu temples in chitthukkadu around 5 kms from thirumazhasai, near to poonamallee, near to thirunindravoor try to publish

    1. dear sir,
      u travel in the poonamallee byepass after windmill company there is a right turn going to parivakkam - pattabiram... follow this road.. it will lead to sitthukaadu... called as thirumanam.

  14. god names are nelliappar, sundrararaja perumaal
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  15. god names are nelliappar, sundrararaja perumaal
    pls try to publish

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    Many thanks for your wonderful service. You are truly blessed by god.

    It will be nice if you could also mention the timings of the temple for all the temples you visit so that we can plan our visit accordingly.

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  21. Dear Saravanan,
    As posted by earlier people, you are definitely doing a wonderful job. The descriptions are simple and informative. May God bless you. Also as requested by some people, I also request you to add the darshan timings, which will help devotees to paln and worship. Once again it is a good job done by you and May God give you all support and shower his blessings immensely.
    Dr.Rajan Ramaswami Medavakkam

  22. Thirumalai in vaiyavur is blessed by the presence of invisible saints. Persons familiar with this temple are also familiar with Sri Seetharama Swamigal.He looks very simple but brahmathejas can be found in his eyes.He is a saint who cannot be described by words.Only those who are blessed can see him and only those who have seen him can feel him.Usually many persons don't recognize saints when they live.They become familiar only after they attain Jeeva samadhi.The same will be the case of him.

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  26. Can someone share the contact details of this temple.


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    .Its very useful information. i would like to go immediately to this temple. because i am a great devotee of lord anjaneya

  28. Dear Bhaktas

    the temple is open till 11.30 in the morning. evening - 4pm to 7pm
    you may contact Sri Ananthu Battachar
    mobile no: 9840783058
    you may also contact Sri Srinivasa Niketanam - 044 - 28174179


  29. Dear Bhaktas

    Thirumalai Vaiyavoor Temple is open till 11.30 in the morning. evening - 4pm to 7pm
    you may contact Sri Ananthu Battachar
    mobile no: 9840783058
    you may also contact Sri Srinivasa Niketanam - 044 - 28174179


  30. i want temple contact telephone number

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    i AM one of the regular visitor to the hill shrine.Ican say i feel it is my tirpathi.

  32. any body can contact Devaraja bhattachariar for darshan pooja.cell9443239005

  33. To go by bus to this temple people can take Govt bus number 129v from tamabaram around 8.15 to 8.30.
    There are also pvt buses available.

    Share autos /Autos from Padalam to this temple

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    Interested devotees shall give offerings to makeout shelters over the hill steps. It will be helpful for kids and ladies.

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