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Thirukkachur Sri Oushadheeswarar

Thirukkachur is a very small village situated about 3 kms from Singaperumal Koil. This village lies on the west side of Singaperumal Koil off the GST Road.

There is a small hillock in this village called Oushadhagiri. At the foot hill, there is this stunning, ancient temple for Lord Shiva called Sri Oushadheeswarar.

This is a beautiful temple which is said to be built by Kulothunga Chozha, where the main deity is Sri Oushadheeswarar (in Sanskrit ‘oushadha’ means medicine) also called Marundheeswarar and Goddess Andhaka Nivarani Ambaal (also called Sri Irul Neekki Ambaal). This temple is also called as Malai Koil by the villagers.

The entrance of this temple is facing south. There is no Rajagopuram for this temple. Soon after the entrance, there is a stone pillared Mandapam on which wonderful ancient carvings of Lingothbavar, Kamakshi, Pattinathaar, Dhandaayudhapaani etc, are seen.

It is said that this hill is rich in herbs containing very rare and precious herbs all over.

Legend has it that, as per the direction of Lord Indra, Aswini Devas came to this place to find some rare herbs and worshipped Lord Shiva here.

It is also said that Sage Agasthiyar worshipped Lord Marundheeswarar both at Thiruvaanmiyur and Thirukkachur and enriched his knowledge on Herbal Medicines.

Another unique feature of this temple is the deity Sri Marundheeswarar here is facing west. The outer praakaram is huge and has Dwajasthambha and Nandhi facing east towards the sanctum.

The people believe that the soil of this place itself is medicinal (மண்ணே மருந்து) and would cure one from ailments. There is a small pit near Dwajasthambha filled with mud. This mud is considered sacred and medicinal, which devotees apply on their forehead like Vibhuthi.

There is a separate shrine for Sri Andhaka Nivarani Ambaal, where She is in standing posture.

Sri Brahma, Sri Durgai, Sri Sandigeswarar and Sri Bhairavar are seen on the praakaram around the sanctum. Sri Sandigeswarar here is seen with 4 heads which is not seen in many temples. He is called Chathurmuga Sandigeswarar.

Sri Dhakshinamurthy is present facing south.

There is an ancient well at the north eastern side of this temple. This serves as the Theertham for this temple and is called 'Oushadha Theertham'. This water too is believed to have medicinal properties.

This well is made in such a way that, one can enter the well and reach up to the surface of water through the steps. This steps start at a distance from the well and goes inside the well even below the water level. It is said that there are 60 steps to this stair case. A very unique and a 'well designed well’.

The Sthala Viruksham for this temple is Palaa Maram (Jack tree).

Girivalam is very popular here. Devotees undertake Girivalam on Pournami (full moon) days and Tuesdays praying the Lord, to get cured of their illness.

Sundaramurthy Naayanaar, who had visited this village and composed hymns on Sri Kachabeswarar, has sung 2 hymns in praise of Sri Oushadheeswarar too.

Thirukkachur is definitely a sanctified place, possessing 3 ancient Shiva Temples.


  1. Thanks for the nice Pics.
    This village Thirukacchur have two ancient big temples.... Then think about the olden days in Thirukachur; It should be a prosperous town in that period. You can see lot of temples only in the areas flourishing - mostly in banks of rivers or places having very good irrigation or places having lot of trade activities.
    In those periods peoples worked hard, earned and then spent their times in spritual activities and Arts.
    Now we are spending more time in-front of idiot boxes... watching games (not playing games)...
    Thx to growing Technology

    Mr.Saravanan.... what to say again & again... You are becoming a great writer
    Have you read RLT in 'the Hindu'; like that your blog is going to be super hit.

  2. Excellent posts Saravanan.I never knew there are this many temples near Chennai.By the way , is there a temple near Chennaito visit for family harmony and peace.Please post if you could.Thanks a bunch.

  3. Today Myself and my wife visited the temple.Actually there are two temples one is kachabeswarar, and another is Marundeeswarar the priest for both temples is one person. The best day to visit the temples is pournami day. when both temples are open.The best time is the cool season in Dec, jan , feb. The temples are very clean . and there are inscriptions in olden tamil language which we could not understand
    On a pournami day lord tyagaraja is taken around the sannadhi in late evening.There is a temple tank which probably gets filled with water after the monsoon.I could see persons chanting Devaram and Tiruvasagam in front of the deity .

  4. My Holly Village where i am spending time for past 25 years..

  5. Thanks to Saravanan. More useful details. Please attach this link


    K Venkatesh

  6. Thanks,for your details,and one more.i planned my marriage on this temple only.

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    Kind information for this ancient temple kumbabishakam programme on 5th Feb 2011, all are come and get Siva blessings


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    Sorry kumbabishakam programme on 5th Feb 2012(Sunday)


  9. Dear Saravanan,
    I visited Thiruckachur temple on 9th april and liked this temple and sorroundings.I wanted to know more about this temple and broused the net to get information from you.Information was useful.

  10. Thankyou very much Mr.Saravanan, I will visit this temple at the earliest. Thanks a lot.
    Warm Regards.

  11. Just an update to this. There is also a jeeva samadhi of a sidhar called kulanthaival, who was living in kasi and managed to come here as per lord siva wish. He was the one who identified the lord which was surrounded by shrubs. He attained mukthi on 1955.

  12. Great information. Very well compiled. Thus temple is on sp koil sriperumpudur route

  13. Neither google maps or my navigator is unable to show recognize/identify this place/route to reach this place (Thirukachur). Can you pl help with right coordinates to this desitnation - longitude,...(if you are aware)?

  14. very useful information regarding Thirukachur.I am planning to visit the Templeduring next.I have read about this Temple in SAKTHIVIKATAN Vewry good work SARAVANAN

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    Know we have got the permission from government for the Chariot. any donors can contribute to temple for details contact shanker mobile number 09443019556

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    Temple has got permission for the chariot donors can meet the trust person for contributing Mr sanker 9443019359

  17. Nice information. Thank you for posting...Will definitely go and get his blessings..
    Om Namah Shivaya

  18. Nice information. Thank you so much for posting it. Will definitely go there and get his blessings.
    Om Namah Shivaya

  19. Thanks mr.saravanan.i read in aalayam magazine sometime back about a temple near tambaram which cured a boy whose illness was given up by this the temple?