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Kettavarampalayam Sri Ramar

Kettavarampalayam is a small village located about 20 kms south west of Polur. Polur can be reached by road from Chennai or Thiruvannamalai and also from Vellore. Buses going from Polur to Melcholankuppam stop at Kettavarampalayam.

This holy village is synonymous with Lord Sri Rama and Bhajans. Kettavarampalayam is very popular for its Sri Rama Navami celebrations. Every year all 10 days of Sri Rama Navami is celebrated with utmost devotion by the natives. Though most of the native villagers have migrated and settled in various places, everyone gathers during these 10 days of Sri Rama Navami to celebrate Sri Rama.

It is said that this village was once called as Kashtaharampalayam (a place where ones difficulties are overcome) and in later days known as Kettavarampalayam (means granting boons as per wishes) as many devotees’ wishes were granted by Lord Sri Rama here.

This is one place where one can hear, see and feel Sri Rama Nama round the clock on all the 10 days of Sri Rama Navami.

This tradition was started over a century ago in 1907 by one Sri Janakirama Dhikshithar in a small way during Sri Rama Navami. This cult has been carried forward through generations by various Baagavathas during various periods and now has evolved as a very popular place of Sri Rama and Sampradaaya Bhajans. An unique feature of Bhajans at Kettavarampalayam is that the entire Bhajan from start to finish is rendered in the standing posture by everyone, irrespective of the number of hours.

Kettavarampalayam celebrates the 103rd year of Sri Rama Navami this year with the same faith and devotion instilled by the ancestors. Every year during these 10 days devotees throng from various parts of the country to witness the festival and take part in it. It is a feast for the soul to watch the proceedings during the festival at Kettavarampalayam.

All the above happens, not in some ancient temple or a grand auditorium but in a simple Mandapam constructed and maintained exclusively for this cause. The shrine does not even have idol of Sri Rama, but has a beautiful image of Sri Rama Pattaabhishekam with divine charm. This place is called Sri Rama Bhajanai Mandhiram.

The festival here starts on Sri Rama Navami day and goes on for 10 days with various events happening on each day. Sri Rama Seetha Kalyanam (Ram Sita Marriage festival) is very popular here. The festival ends with Hanumanthothsavam on the last day.

Lakshaarchana is conducted every day on all the days of the festival. One can witness Lakshaarchana, Vedic chanting, Ashtapathis, Sampradaaya Bhajans and much more happening round the clock in this village. It is said that, in Kaliyuga, Bhajans and Nama Sankeerthanams are the best way to reach God.

Unjavruthi tradition is very popular here, where Baagavathas reciting Bhajans on the street visit every house collecting Bhiksha. Members from every house offer rice as Bhiksha which is collected and offered to the Lord here.

Also very renowned Baagavathas and Bhajan groups come and perform Bhajans every year in this village.

On entering the village, there is an arch constructed during the centenary year which welcomes us towards Sri Rama Mandhiram. Sri Rama Mandhiram is present is the same street with Sri Rama in His beautiful Pattaabhishekam posture. Devotees in large numbers visit this place during Sri Rama Navami days. The photographs of all the scholars including Sri Janakirama Dhikshithar who started Sri Rama Navami here and others who were instrumental in keeping the Kettavarampalayam tradition alive are preserved and displayed in this Mandhiram.

A trust called Kettavarampalayam Sri Rama Bhajanai Mandhiram Trust is formed by the native people and the trust has constructed a huge Mandapam to accommodate the visiting pilgrims, free of cost. Pilgrims can have a comfortable stay at this Mandapam which is attached with all the basic amenities.

Irrespective of the number of visitors, the trust feeds each and every pilgrim visiting this place right from coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner every day during these 10 days. There is a vast dining hall just behind Sri Rama Mandhiram which feeds thousands of pilgrims every year.

The native people have also recently formed a Vedha Paatasaala (Vedic school) to teach Vedhas to aspiring children. The Paatasaala is run in this village itself with about 4 residential students for now.

This village has a small beautiful temple for Sri Kasi Viswanathar. Another feature of this village is its ancient hill temple called Malaikkovil where Sri Venkatesa Perumaal is blessing the devotees.

The very popular Parvathamalai (pic above) is just next to this village. The dharshan of beautiful Parvathamalai and the hill temple can be had from this village itself.

Thus Kettavarampalayam is sanctified by various temples around it and with Sri Rama Nama being chanted for over a century. There is also an age old saying that “One should visit Kettavarampalayam at least once in the life time”.

Contact details: Sri Rama Bhajanai Mandhiram, Kettavarampalayam, Via Adamangalam S.O, Thiruvannamalai District – 606901, Tamilnadu. Tel: (Chennai) 91 44 4553 4041,


  1. Excellent work done.Really impressed by your presentation skill and ability.Photographs and the matt paper finish on which you have printed is really impressive.God bless you. If you can arrange all the temple names in alphabetical order it will add more colour to it.

  2. Thank you. An outstanding service.
    One it encourages us to know and make an effort to visit the temples. However, if for some reason , unable to visit, your description gives us the feel ofhaving been there.
    May Lord Rama Bless youfor your continued service.

  3. I agree completely with the two commenters above. It's great that you have also provided us with contact details for this temple. I am waiting for the day when I will have the time to do full justice to the wonderful temples you have written about.

  4. Dear Sir,
    No word to speak! about your continued service rendering to the communinity. The way you have presented made me that I had a visit to the Temple.
    May your service continue.

  5. Execellent piece! I belong to this village and it was pleasant to read this article. I will show it to my Dad when I see him. By the way, the picture of arch shown here has been built by our family

  6. Dear Saravanan,

    Namaste. Excellent article. Thanks for bringing out the glory of our village temples & traditions in an elegant way.

    We wish you to visit many temples and keep doing the noble services.
    Words are not sufficient to express our gratitude and appreciations.

    Have a wonderful time.

    with best regards
    N Guruvelavan

  7. Dear Mr. Saravanan: My brother informed me about your blog and I immediately visited it. What a wealth of information on temples ! I am sure it will be to the advantage of any one to visit your blog before visiting the temple concerned. Please continue your good work.

  8. Dear Sir
    I have read all your blogs since it was very interesting and lively.

    Will try to visit from now on one by one.

    Thanks once again for your wonderful effort

  9. Its really a fantastic article from which I came to know many things about Kettavarampalayam.

    Hats off to you... May God Rama bless you with the health and wealth to continue this kind of social seva.... Jai Sri Ram,,

    KV Vasudevan

  10. my friends informed me your blog and i immediatly visited it.
    may god rama bless with all kinds of peoples.thanku an outstanding
    service. may god rama & anjanayar biess continue for ur serice.....

  11. Great Thanks for bringing out the glory of My village an elegant way. Words are not sufficient to express our gratitude and appreciations on behalf of our village - R. Jayakanthan

  12. Thanks for bringing the glorious pictures Of my village Sri Rama Navami Uthsavam picture. Whenever i think Sri Rama Bajanai Mandir temple in my village i can view Sri RAMAR natural picture. This Blessings will reach to Mr. Saravanan for showing glorious Photo's in this website.

    Srivatsan N

  13. c.magesh kumar, k.v.palayamSaturday, April 25, 2009 4:09:00 PM

    dear saravanan, my sincere thanks for the great job done by you.Now kvp rama travelled to many countries, god bless you saravanan.

  14. Its really superb.i belong to this village.My Husband has not yet visited kettavarampalayam but it helped me to show our great Rama through ur website.


    sridevi prasanna
    Dubai UAE

  15. Thanks for the wonderful servive with images.I have the desire to visit and partcipate in the vaibavam since reading Smt.Anuthama's novel "ketta varam"who is also native of this place.You have helped me today to have the darshan in my dining room in USA and pls bless me i should really come there to have the devine experience

  16. recently i have visited this village along with 30 of our friends as we are basically pilgrimage tour operators and all the members in our group were very happy and had darshan of Lord Srinivasa. It was a wonderful experience and i suggest all the asthikas to visit this place very often. "SREYAS" VARADHAN - 9940172008

  17. Excellent. The name Kettavaram was known to me from the novel of the same name by Anuthama, and afterwards from Bharanidharan's Arunachala Mahimai.
    Even then this Ramanavami celebration was unknown.Hope SriRama will help me to participate in the next Sri Rama Navami function

    1. pl call me my number I can guide you ton reach there No: 9600046933
      R. Jayakanthan

  18. The presentation is very good. After studying this i would like to visit this temple during Ramanavami festival. Thanks for the very good message and photos in a systematic manner.

    V.srinivasan. chennai, T.Nagar

  19. I am really thrilled to read this wonderful write-up about my village Kettavarampalayam. Thank you very much for your noble service!

  20. pranams to all Bhagavathas for their

    efforts in this divine project

    vanaja and sundarrajan

  21. When I read about Kettavarampalayam recently from Ramakrishna Vijayam, I wanted to visit that place immensely.On visiting your web site, I was able to get a very good description of Rama Navami vaibhavam with nice photos. Thanks and let Rama bless you with all wealth and health to continue in this service.

  22. Dear Swamin,
    Rendering this divine service, that too in such detail with so much devotion that is apparent, is one of the noblest services rendered to that Supreme Power, that is Narayana. the Lord is with u and all His blessings.
    Adiyen Ramanujadasan,

  23. dear sarav.
    the golden days of 1970 -1974i was there.with
    my family. my father bramhashri venkatesaiyer of marakkanam worked in ADAMANGALAM highschool
    as teacher lived in agraharam sankaripatti house
    opp.shri. Narayana Iyangar MGMT.SCHOOL.
    UPAVEEDAM & lotus leaf RASAM. vov memorable days.

  24. very nice.i have visited this village 10 years ago.but has not seen this time when i visit i will definitely go.L.JAYABAL MAYILADUTHURAI

  25. Thanks for your wonderful article about our native village kettavarampalayam and our SriRam Temple.
    I use to visit once in 2 years but not at the time of Ramanavami festival. This pic. has refreshed my young days where i use to come to Ramanavami with my father Chakrapani. He & many other bakthas will get the divine feeling of hanuman and say ramasmarana still evergreen in my memories.

  26. thank u for the informations about ketta varam palayam and about my native dist

  27. From Sankaran Seetharaman
    I am great grand son of Sri Janakirama Dikshidhar, who started this Rama Navami celebrations way back in 1907.
    On 31-03-2012, I had the opportunity to visit our native place with my family members. I found the whole trip very nice. Our whole family received the blessings of Sri Rama.

    1. On 21st April 2013, I had the opportunity to visit our native place along with my family. During this visit, we also went to hill temple. It is indeed a great relief for folks like us who lead a stressful material life.
      I pray to Lord Rama that he will enable me to visit our native place for full 10 days during next Rama Navami.
      My wish is that we should take video of Rama Navami celebrations and release as DVD.

  28. Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram.
    I had been to Kettavarampalayam last Sunday, so blessed on the day of Sri Seetha Rama Pattabhishekam day, for this year 2012. I was so moved, the entire village people are so affetionate to me. The most important thing is the entire village is treating Rama, Seetha, Hanuman as their relative. they repeated say namba ramar, namba ramar...It is ketta varam nalgum palayam, in true sense. Ayodhya it is... -Karthikeyan Nagaratnam Bangalore

  29. Kugan Sivakumar:- The Village Kettavaram palayam is also several must visit places like Lord Simmeswarar Temple( 17 th century) and Major lake in the border area and one lord Murugan Temple on small hill (near Simmeswarar temple)which is in neglected condition, those who visit rama navami festival ,may visit this Murugan temple(Hill area)for renovation and periodical Poojas may be started.

    Kugan.Sivakumar, BSNL, Chennai-15.

  30. Jai Sri Ram!

    A very happy news to all the devotees of Lord Rama!!!

    Kettavarampalayam a small hamlet near polur has been celebrating Sri Rama Navami Mahotsavam for the past 107 years. This being the 108th year the devotees of kettavarampalayam have decided to celebrate this auspicious occasion in a much grandeur way by conducting Sri Rama Samrajaya Pattabhishekam from 30.03.2014 to 08.04.2014.Grand festivities have been planned. Please make your self available on the above days and obtain the blessings of lord rama.

    For Further details please contact :

    Ms S Janaki 9003071653