Monday, March 9, 2009

Manimangalam Sri Kailaasanaadhar

Manimangalam village is located about 10 kms from Tambaram on the western side of Mudichur Road leading towards Padappai.

This village has a very high historic importance because of the huge battle fought here between Narasimhavarma Pallava and the Chalukya King Pulikesi II. This battle was fought in Manimangalam during 7th Century AD.

In ancient days, the lands along with temple were donated by the kings to the Vedic scholars for performing Vedic rituals for the well being of the country. Such villages were called as Chathurvedhi Mangalams. Manimangalam is one such village and was called as Grama Sikhamani Chathurvedhi Mangalam.

Apart from a beautiful, huge temple for Sri Dharmeswarar, Manimangalam also has another ancient temple for Lord Shiva called Sri Kailaasanaadhar. Goddess here is Sri Gnaanaambigai.

According to inscriptions, this temple was constructed during 950 AD by a Chozha king called Vijaya Baalaya Chozhan. Later, this temple has been renovated during various periods by Raja Raja Chozhan (985 AD), Rajendra Chozhan (1014 AD) and Kulothunga Chozhan (1070 AD).

One of the 63 Naayanmars called Siru Thonda Naayanar (originally a Chozha Chieftain called Paranjothi) is said to have worshipped the Lord here and also has offered number of Annadhaanams (free feeding) in this holy village.

Now the temple is in complete ruins. This dilapidated temple has been taken care by a trust and Balalayam is done for re-consecration (Kumbabhishegam) of the temple.

The Moolavar Sannidhi (Sanctum) is facing east and is totally damaged. It looks as if it will crumble down anytime. Though the structure looks so majestic and ancient it’s in a very poor state and needs great attention.

There is a beautiful Nandhi facing the Lord towards the sanctum.

There is also an exquisite Nandhi Mandapam a little away from Nandhigeswarar and facing the sanctum.

Even the roof for the sanctum is open and some PVC sheet is kept as the ceiling to cover the sanctum.

There is a beautiful Peepul tree at one corner of the temple site for which a nice platform is built around.

Many dilapidated idols of Nandhi, Sri Vinayagar and few more are kept in front of the sanctum, the sight of which makes our heart heavy.

Definitely the temple must have had huge properties in this ancient place and is sure to have been encroached by many.

Now a trust called ‘Arulmigu Thirukailayanathar Gnanambigai Educational & Charitable Trust’ is engaged in the service of the Lord by initiating the works towards the Kumbabhishegam.

Someone willing to help or to visit the temple shall contact: Arulmigu Thirukailayanathar Gnanambigai Educational & Charitable Trust’, C/o. Sri. S. Balasubramanian, Flat No. 1, Jayam Apartments, # 13, Rameswaram Road, T. Nagar, Chennai – 600017. Mobile : 98400 13132. email:


  1. Yes all our ruined temples need to be renovated/re-constrcted. Thanks for bringing up posts higlighting the historical importance of the ruined structures.


    Charter Member, Lions Club of CHENNAI ANBALAYA -Dist-324 A1

  3. fitting tribute to our guru per his teachings, OUR NISHKAMYA SEVA SAMITHI members visit such ancient temples and offer universal prayer.
    thanks for your association.

  4. It is really heartening to note that you have webcast the present condition of an ancient temple. While people visiting the site may contribute their mite, it is necessary to motivate local people to rise to the occasion.Each villager to contribute at least Rs.10/- per month. They can be given a Hundi requesting to put at least Rs.1/- in the Hundi everyday. Some volunteers to be identified to collect it at the end of the month and the funds used for renovation upkeep of the temple. Sri Velukkudi Krishnan the great vaishnavite scholar has enrolled members in his Kinchitkaram Trust and the members pledging to contribute at least Rs.2.50 per day and the volunteers collect the same every ninety days, rewarding the savers with God's pictures,cds, books for a portion of the amount and the balance pooled in the corpus to be applied for the upkeep of various Divyadesams. This practice is worth emulating and adopted with necessary modifications.

  5. Thanks a lot for posting this news in your website which willbe immense help to us in renovating this ancient temple. With the blessings of the Lord Kailayanathar, the following works were completed so far:
    Balalayam was completed on 19th February 2009 and Bhoomi pooja performed on 6th March 2009. Basement work has been started now and it is progressing. I would like to mention only one change: Donations can be sent to SRI PALANIANDAVER TRUST (80 G EXEMPTION IS AVAILABLE) to the same address which is given below :
    CHENNAI 600 017
    MOBILE : 98400 13132
    E MAIL : or

    Pl feel free to contact me and let us all work together to bring back the glory of this ancient temple. Every body should feel and think it is the responsibility of all of us to rebuilt temples which are neglected and needs attention.

    With pranams to all


  6. Beautiful idea for a blog

  7. love that Peepul tree which sympolyse nature and order..

  8. Love your blog! It will be very helpful for my next trip to India. Here is a link to mine:


  9. when is the kumbabishekam of this temple?

  10. Dear Devotee,
    The work is progressing slowly. We have completed the ground work and the basement is over. The Prakaram is to be constructed now. we are planning to begin the work by 2nd September 2009. God willing the Kumbabhisekham can be performed before the Mahasivarathri if all deveotees co operate and send their contributions. For your kind information the address is given again :
    The cheque/ draft can be sent in the name of SRI PALANIANDAVAR TRUST, JAYAM APARTMENTS, GROUND FLOOR, FLAT NO.1, NO.13, RAMESWARAM ROAD,CHENNAI 600 017


  11. Hi

    All the best for this great effort from your side. I am looking for some kind of help for an ancient narasimha temple temple in my native (Calicut Kerala)for its renovation
    can u please help me .. if you have any idea like great minded people who can do help...

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  12. wooo!this peepul tree and the shivalingam is again really cool!the effort from your side is at its point!...ur intension will get acomplished!all the very best!keep writting and rock the show!

  13. Useful information , great post . Thanks for sharing !!

  14. All our ruined temples need to be renovated.Thanks for sharing.

    If possible, i will come and meet you.

    Lord shiva bless you.

    sai sundaram.

  15. Hi Friends,
    Yesterday i have visited kailasanaathar temple,now kumbabishekam has been done,now the structure has been redefined.


  16. Hi Friends,
    Yesterday i have visited kailasanaathar temple,now kumbabishekam has been done,now the structure has been redefined.


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