Monday, November 3, 2008

Vyasarpadi Sri Raveeswarar

Vyasarpadi is located in the north of Chennai, which is one of old settlements of Chennai. Vyasarpadi has a several thousand years old temple for Lord Shiva called ‘Sri Raveeswarar’.

The legend has it that, once Sri Surya Bhagawan (Sun God) was caught with Brahma Dhosha. To get rid of his Dhosha, Sri Surya Bhagawan installed and worshipped Lord Shiva under a tree called ‘Vanni Maram’ here. He also created a pond in front of the temple for worship.

Lord Shiva, who was happy with the prayers, appeared before the Sun God and granted His wish. As Lord Shiva was worshipped by Surya Bhagawan, He came to be known as ‘Sri Raveeswarar’ (Ravi means Sun in Sanskrit). Also Lord Shiva named this place as ‘Baanu Puram’ (Banu means Sun).

It is also said that Rishi Sri Veda Vyasar visited this place and worshipped the God here and have sung praises on the Lord. As Sri Vedha Vyasar stayed in this place and worshipped the Lord, this place came to be known as ‘Vyasarpadi’.

The temple is situated amidst the town, facing east. The temple is beautifully done that one can worship the Lord and the Goddess from the same place. The main deity Sri Raveeswarar is facing east from the sanctum. The Aavudaiyar (base) of the Lingam is of square in shape. Goddess is Sri Maragadhaambika beautifully decorated in a separate sanctum facing the South.

There is an idol of Sri Surya Bhagawan just outside the sanctum, seen worshipping the Lord. Sri Kaala Bairavar is present adjacent to the Goddess sanctum facing South.

A beautiful Dhwajasthambham (flag staff) adds beauty to the temple at the outer praakaaram. There are separate sanctums for Lord Ganesha and Lord Subramanyar in the outer praakaaram.
There is also a small sanctum just behind the sanctum for Sri Vedha Vyasar. 

The Sthala Viruksham for this temple is Vanni Maram which is seen at the north western side of the praakaaram.
There is a nice temple pond in front of the temple created by Sri Surya Bhagawan, called ‘Surya Pushkarini’.

Lot of pilgrims visit and worship the Lord here for want of relief from various illnesses and Dhoshas. 

According to the priest, if Sri Vedha Vyasa has visited this place, no one could measure the age of this temple and the Lord.
A wonderful temple to visit, that too amidst the busy city.


  1. Sri.Saravanan
    On reading urs make How we are missing many treasures around us.

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  2. How nice to see you back! I was wondering at the long absence!
    Thanks once again for opening our eyes to the treasures all around us.

  3. Dear Sharavana,

    It is true I do remember the Nostalgic memories associated with you during school days where u are so sharp and point to all the HINDU Mythologies.
    Kudos to you in rekindling the spirit in you once again.

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  4. Nice recount. Does Vanni have an English translation? Thanks.

  5. Dear Saravanan,

    Glad to hear from you, after some gap. We appreciate your efforts & time in bringing out our heritage, hidden treasures and glories.

    After going thru' your writings & photos, we are getting satisfaction that, as if we have visited the temple in person.

    Continue your good work. Have a nice time.

    N Guruvelavan

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    Very glad to see Raveeswarar throu u. after a long gap we met again. my love and blessings to you to continue this best job. go ahead dear.

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  8. Thanks for the link. We want to renovate the Venkatesa Perumal Temple in our village paravakkarai, near Kumbakonam. You are doing a wonderful job. Do visit my blog also But it is a Tamil blog. Hope you will like it. It is taking considerable time to open this blog. May be due to lot of pictures. Anyhow wonderful job.

  9. Respected sir,
    Thank u very much for ur wonderful writing about the temples and the beautiful photographs.This is actually a great bliss for a soul like me who cannot travel much for temple visit etc.I get the joy of visiting these temples by myself by going through ur good work.I thank u wholeheartedly for ur services.

  10. last saturday I went to this temple. I took reference from here before I left for it.

    The temple's current condition is very poor. I just recorded it in my web page titled
    இரவீஸ்வரர்- என்னே அம்மையப்பனுக்கு வந்த சோதனை?

    The photo for it is taken from here.

  11. On 22.2.2012 Kumbabishekam done for this Raviswarar Temple. Now the temple maintained neet & cleanly

  12. On 22.2.2012 Kumbhabishegam was done for this temple. Now this temple looking good, and the temple maintained neat & clean