Friday, April 11, 2008

Poondhamalli Sri Vaidheeswarar

Poondhamalli is about 25 kms from Chennai city and has an ancient temple for Lord Shiva, which is more than 1000 years old. The main deity here is Sri Vaidheeswarar and Goddess Sri Thaiyyal Naayagi.

This temple is very similar to the Vaidheeswaran Koil temple near Kumbakonam, which is one of the Navagraha Sthalam for Angaaragan (Mars in English or Chevvaai in Thamizh).

This temple is one among the Navagraha temples of Chennai (or Thondai Mandalam) for Angaaragan. It is said that Sri Angaaragan worshipped Lord Shiva at this place.

Sri Angaaragan’s Paadham (foot mark) is found in the temple just outside the sanctum under the Panai (Palm) tree sculpted on stone. This temple is a Parihaara Sthalam for Chevvaai Dhosham. Special Poojas are done here on Tuesdays for Sri Angaaragan.

The temple is so huge with very vast praakaarams. The main deity is facing east in the form of Shiva Lingam. Goddess Sri Thaiyyal Naayagi is facing south.

In the inner praakaaram Sri Dhakshinamurthy, Sri Brahma, Sri Subramanyar, Sri Sandigeswarar and Sri Durgai are seen. There are 3 Chakras installed by Sri Aadhi Sankarar in the Praakaaram called Sri Chakram, Subramanya Chakram and Shanmuga Chakram.

On the northern praakaaram there is a Baana Lingam installed facing the entrance.

Though there is an entrance at the eastern side, the temple has its main entrance and Rajagopuram facing north.

There are some beautiful carvings on either sides of the entrance.

The Sthala Viruksham for this temple is Thaazhi Panai Maram (Palm tree). The temple pond (called Vinai Theertha Kulam) is located on the eastern side of the temple, which needs attention.

Surya Pooja happens in this temple in the Thamizh month ‘Maasi’. On the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th of Maasi, Sun’s rays directly fall on the main deity around 6 am in the mornings. This amazing act happens only on these 5 days of the year and never repeats again.

This temple is also called 'Uthara Vaitheeswaran Koil'. A wonderful temple with amazing architecture.


  1. good work, saravanan.
    keep it up !

  2. Thanks for your efforts Saravanan. Also please write about ancient Sri Thirukachi Nambi/Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple which is 100 metres from Poondhamalli bus stand. This temple was built by great vaishnavite saint Sri Thirukachi Nambigal, a contemporary & disciple of Sri Ramanujar. The Goddess here is Sri Pushpagavalli & after her the town was named Poovirunthavalli & now called Poondhamallee.


  3. Dear Friend, thank your for providing the information on Poonamallee Vaitheeshwaran koil but there is an information to be shared and that is:
    There are two carvings of two siddhars one is sri karlakattai siddhar and sri karkotaka maharishi. both these siddhars have taken jeeva samadhi insde two poles in the prakaram of the sivan sannidhi. please ask the temple poojari so that he can guide you and also try to post the pictures of the siddhars

  4. It's Really a nice Job. Keep it up. May the blessings of Lord Siva reaches to you

    Thanks for providing these info.

  5. nice work done.1)timings of temple opening and closing 2)phone no to contact officials
    so that it will be useful for persons who are visiting the temple

  6. I am from hyderbad. I wanted to come to chennai to visit thsi temple. Can you pl provide complete address and land marks so that i can book a travels?? thanks in advance

  7. Thank you for giving details about the temple in Poonamalee. The temple pond has been renovated recently and request you to take a snap of it and add the same in the website. The pond is beatifully renovated.

  8. the web can be rewrite with new photos ,after renovat lot of new things hapended subramanian poonamallee

  9. Yes. We had been to this temple yesterday and had darshan of Sri Vaitheeswaran and Thaiyalnayagi Amman. Nice temple. it is not as big as Vaitheswaran Koil near Kumbakonam. However it is nice to worship in this temple.

  10. R.Prabhu - New Street, Poonthamalli

    Thennadudaiya sivane potri, ennaatavarkum eraivaa potri

    Some of the important tips about this Vaidhyanaathar Temple :

    East Facing Shani Bagwan

    Angaraan Padam patta Edam (Good to do poojas for Sevvai Dosam)

    Chennai Navagragha Sthalangalil onru

    Surya Poojai - Ovoru maasi maadham

    Karalakatai Siddar pillar is there, but for me i need to see Karkotaka maharishi

    Adhishankarar Aruliya Chakra's

    Chithirai maasam laksha deepam and theppam

    Good for Kaalasarpa Dosa

    Natrunai yaavathu Namasivayave...

  11. Nice article.Can you give complete address of this temple.

  12. Good Job also update the Koil timings and Address, Phone number

  13. From my own experience, this is One of the most powerful temple for curing diseases , cant explain the god's miracle...

    1. Sir/Mam, i need to perform pooja for Chevvai bhagvan for my elder sister, she is undergoing treatment for kidney disease, is it advisable to do in this temple.

  14. Surya Pooja happens in this temple in the Thamizh month ‘Maasi’. I visited last year for that i book Bus Ticket through online.

  15. Could you please give the address