Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Srivilliputhur Aandal & Sri Vadabadrasayee

Centuries back, there lived a devotee of Lord Vishnu called Vishnu Chithar. Also called Periyazhwar, he has been living in Sri Villiputhur near the temple of Vadabadrasayee Perumal offering prayers to the Lord everyday sincerely.

One day Periyazhwar found a baby girl in his Thulasi Garden. As per mythology she was born in Kali Yuga 98, in the month of Aadi (again believed to be inauspicious) in Puram Star on Tuesday (note the day) in Sri Villiputhur during Pandya Dynasty. According to the above belief her date of birth is 8th June 3004 B.C. Anyhow many modern historians predict that she lived during 8th Century AD. Whatever it is, she lived atleast 1300 years back or more.

Periyazhwar who was doing poojas to “Sri Vadabadhrasayee” (Perumal) temple at Srivilliputhur, found her in his garden and brought her up. He named her “Kodhai” and she grew up as an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu there. Her Bhakthi, transformed into love towards God and she wanted to marry Him.

Periyazhwar used to pick Thulasi leaves from his garden, weave them as garland, keep it in a basket carefully to offer it to the Lord. One day, out of innocence, Kodhai took the garland, adorned herself with it to see the mirror whether she would be a suitable bride to the lord. Periyazhwar saw this act of Kodhai and got furious with her and weaved another fresh garland and offered to the God. To his surprise, the garland fell down from the God's shoulders. He tried many times but didn't succeed. He got worried and prayed the God. He heard a voice saying “Why didn’t you offer me the garland woven by Kodhai? I am eager to adorn the garland touched and felt by my devotee, Kodhai. She is not a mere mortal. She is born for me”

Periyazhwar (also called Vishnuchithar), then offerred the garland which was woven by Kodhai and God accepted his offering. Thereafter he garlanded the Lord everyday, after trying it first with Kodhai.

Even today, its in practice that the garland is offerred first to the Aandal at Sri Villiputhur and the same is removed and sent to Thirupathi to adorn the Lord during Brahmotsavam. Also similar practice is followed for Kallazhagar festival at Madurai, where Kallazhagar wears the garland which is already worn by Aandal at Sri Villiputhur.

Also in Sri Villiputhur temple, Aandal is garlanded first and the same garland is offered to the Lord.

When Kodhai attained the age for getting married, she was too fascinated with Lord Ranganathar of Sri Rangam as she has heard about Him from her father.

Periyazhwar meditated to God without knowing what to do. God appeared in his dreams and said not to hesitate to get his daughter married to him. God also made him realize that Kodhai was none but Bhudevi herself.

Kodhai (Aandal) was carried in a palanquin to Sri Rangam and she entered the inner shrine of Sri Ranganathar and joined as the eternal light with the Lord.

Aandal has given the world, 2 great masterpieces of literary works; Thiruppaavai and Naachiyar Thirumozhi, which are even sung today with utmost devotion in temples and homes during the month of Maargazhi.

Thiruppaavai, starts with the lines “Maargazhi Thingal” (மார்கழித்திங்கள்), celebrating the dawns of Maargazhi with prayers to Lord Vishnu.

The temple tower was built in 8th Century and is one of the largest in the country. The temple is located in Virudhunagar District of Tamilnadu. And this tower stands the symbol of Government of Tamilnadu.


  1. I just read some of ur blogs and it's quite interesting. appreciate that u've time/energy to do some research and write on those issues. keep up the good work.

  2. Thodarattum ungal sevai.Enathu valthugal

  3. In our college days we stayed in Srivilliputhur and every week Friday we visit Andal Kovil and Saturday 'Chakarathalwar temple'. These temples are so nice divine temples.
    Whoever going to Andal temple don't miss the adjacent Perumal temple. This also have a seperate Sannidhi for Chakarathalwar. The main gopuram is also in this temple. This main gopuram is taken as 'Tamilnadu govt symbol'. Before the construction of Srirangam raja gopuram, this gopuram is the tallest one in Tamilnadu.
    Other Two temples near this are:
    1. Vaidheeswaran temple - Just on the entrance of Srivilliputhur (from Rajapalayam).
    2. A nice Perumal temple over a small hill near Srivilliputhur (may be around 6~7 Kms). This is another nice temple. On top it have a 'Ramar Padham' and Perumal resembles as in Thirumalai. This is also locally called as 'Then Thirupathy'. In the starting point a nice looking huge Ganapathy showing his kindness to all devotees.

  4. Words are inadequate to express my gratitude and appreciation. I wish you to publish many more Temples in the days to come.

  5. Thanks to Mr. Gurvelavan for rightly pointing out the corrections in the story. The story is amended now as per the valuable information provided by Mr. Guru.

  6. It is an excellent service.I am planning to visit the temple soon. It would be very useful if the site also were to provide details of nearby temples, the distance and travel related information like stay, food etc.

  7. There is also things special in srivilliputhur
    which is the vasnthothsavam in may and margazhi ennai kappu utsavam in dec-jan.panguni uthiram is andal kalyana utsavam
    milk khova is special in svpr

  8. Congratulations and thanks for giving good information regarding SRIVILLIPUTUR ANDAL&VADABADRASAYEE temple.You have done a very good job and also wish you the best to give us more information about other temples.

  9. saravan,
    thank you for this blog. It is indeed informative for all those who are lost in the material world. I used to believe and was a religious person. Now I only believe in Karma. And stopped praying, since karma is everything, and I dont expect anything from it, I dont see a point in praying- anycase it didnt help me get one thing that I really wanted for many yrs.
    Good luck to you and best wishes

  10. Hi saravanan,this is Hema Ashok from Kalpathy, Palakkad. First of all I must congratulate for your great effort. So wonderful.

    I need a help from you that I want the phone number of Andal Temple Devasthanan, as because we are in one Bhajana Mandali we want to sing Thirupavai at Andal Sanidhi.

    Hope u will help me.

    Thanks once again . My id is hema022004@yahoo.co.in , u can contact me in orkut also.
    Expecting your revert

  11. sir can u please say why this rajagopuram became symbol of tamilnadu since many other temples having the same thing dr kannan

  12. Hi all

    ALwars wrote the great Divya Prabandam. Gnana Vilakam(Explanations) of the songs were published in a book titled "Parama Padam" by Thiru.Shiva Selvaraj. People intrested to get the book please contact me at as.vijayaan@gmail.com.

    With Love

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    I am planning to visit srivilliputhur in a month's time to visit the Goddess Andal and Rangamannar.... I want a good place to freshen up before reaching the temple. Could u be suggest me a family place much nearer to Sri Andal temple. Thanks a lot.